Golf Course Measuring

Golf Sign and Design uses all survey grade equipment. What that means is that our golf course measuring equipment is rated by the government agencies as accurate enough for survey work. In short, accuracy is within one cm or approximately one half inch. While almost every other company out there has gone to “cheap back pack GPS” or “handheld binoculars” we simply will not compromise quality.

Services include

golf course sprinkler map pictureSprinkler Head Survey

We map and code your sprinkler head model number along with the exact distance to the center of the green (or location of your choice, like front of green). We provide you with a copy of the maps that include the coding and the distance on a basic map of your golf hole.

Hole Length Survey

We measure your golf holes along architect and USGA / R&A recommended turn points. All hole lengths are measured from every tee box and when requested from several spots on longer tee boxes to the center of the green.

Additional measuring of driving ranges, practice holes, or par 3 courses can also be provided!


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golf course measurement and sprinkler tags picture

Sprinkler Caps

Golf Sign and Design can provide you with sprinkler caps or tags with yardages engraved in the head for long lasting permanence on your course. Toro, Rainbird, Hunter, we carry a cap or tag for any head on the market and at great pricing.

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